Madrid: Maestro Churrero



I heard on the Spanish “singluten” grapevine ie on Twitter that Maestro Churrero was doing gluten free churros. In true Spanish coeliac style, issues surrounding cross contamination and coeliac safety had been dealt with. The gluten free churros are smaller than the normal ones and most importantly they are cooked in a separate fryer. The mandatory chocolate is also gluten free. That only left me with two issues to find the time to go there and secondly to find the place. And I did!

As luck was have it, I had a couple of hours free in my last day in Madrid. I turned out to be luckier as the Churros cafe was quite literally around the corner from where I was staying. If you are in Madrid, head to Plaza Puerta del Sol and walk up Calle de Carretas alternatively you access the cafe via Calle de Atocha. You can either sit inside or sit outside on the terrace. I chose outside as I couldn’t face the stifling heating the Madrilianos favour despite it being a balmy 18 degrees outside but hey it was stil winter.
The menu was very easy to deciper. Food items that are gluten free are labelled sin gluten/gluten free. I noted that a gluten free cake was also available in addition to the churros. While I didn’t pay any attention to the savoury menu I did note that there signs around mentioning gluten free burgers (which essentially leads me to the conclusion that Madrid has to be the gluten free burger capital of Europe: McDonalds, Tommy Mels, Maestro Churrero and a couple of other places that escape me at the moment).
Going back to Churros and Chocolate it was very good. The chocolate was thick. It looked and tasted just like molten chocolate. I only managed to eat mine with a spoon. The churros were fresh and crisp, dunked into the chocolate was beyond amazingly good. 
Incidently the website says nothing about gluten free churros so don’t panic if you see no gluten free information.
Plaza Jacinte Benevante 2, Madrid

One response to “Madrid: Maestro Churrero

  1. thank you!!! i miss my churros con chocolate so much, next time i visit i’m heading straight there.

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