London: Rossopomodoro

The Full On Naples Experience in London

The Full On Naples Experience in London


I have been quite excited ever since I read that Rossopomodoro were introducing gluten free (no gluten containing ingredients in Rossopomodoro speak) to the UK. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon Rossopomodoro in Naples last year while at the Giro d’Italia. Their pizza was amazing and in truth it has become the benchmark for good gluten free pizza. So you can, absolutely, understand my hyper excitement when I was told by Dietary Specials that Rossopomodoro would be using the same dough as they use in Naples ie the very same Dr Schar gluten free dough!!!

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

So today was the day that I had arranged to have lunch and try out the gluten free dough. I had concerns before I went for lunch regarding cross contamination but a quick search on the website quickly revealed that they prepare the two doughs separately and then when they prepare the dough they use rice flour for all dough reducing the chances of cross contamination. Fantastic.


The menu at Rossopomodoro clearly states that their pizza contains No Gluten Containing Ingredients and they go on to expand this by stating: “While we can’t guarantee a 100% flour-free environment, no pizza with the NGCI logo uses any ingredient containing gluten, but can’t be guaranteed to be free from gluten traces“. Now for some people this may be problematic but for me I felt that this was ok. There is a section of their website where they go on to explain what measures they take to counteract cross contamination as well as the fact that they cook the gluten free pizza in trays. Furthermore all toppings which don’t contain gluten are kept separately. I was more than happy with that.


In terms of a visual of the menu you have to read carefully as to which starter to choose as some of them do come with bruschetta, however it was easy enough to find something without. I think it would have been nicer had the other gluten free options been highlighted. The pizzas which they are able to do gluten free are marked with a star beside them so it is easy to tell which is gluten free. Six of the eight pizza options are gluten free so us coeliacs are spoilt for choice.

Yummy Caprese

Yummy Caprese

We ordered the Caprese as a starter to share, followed by gluten free pizzas for both of us – Mr G saying that the Rossopomodoro gluten free pizza was good last time so he would have his gluten free as well. That worked out well for me as I had another piece to sample! I opted for a Napolitana while Mr G played it safe with a Magherita.

Mmmmm Gluten Free Pizza

Mmmmm Gluten Free Pizza

The Caprese came and for a dish that pretty much consisted of what was on the plate (buffalow mozzarella, beef tomatoes, basil and olive oil) tasted really amazing. Everything had so much flavour and it turns out that pretty much all on the menu is either brought in from Naples area or the South of Italy. I guess that is why things taste sun ripened.

My Seriously Good Napolitana

My Seriously Good Napolitana

Next up was pizza time. The moment of truth. I have to confess as much as I was looking forward to this I was also dreading this moment, what if the pizza did not taste as good as Naples? What if it was awful? All anxieties disappeared the moment the pizza arrived. Aromas wafted up and my nose told my brain this was the same pizza dough. A sigh of relief and then the fun part began…eating the pizza. It was delicious. A nice crunch and then into soft pizza. This is thin and crispy pizza. YES you heard me correctly, thin and crispy gluten free pizza is in the UK, yay! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved this pizza. It was perfection. In his role as chief gluten muncher Mr G said he really enjoyed his pizza and would be very happy to go back. In fact both of us agreed the pizza was exactly like the Naples pizza. I left feeling extremely satisfied and most definitely will be returning!


One final point to worth noting is that it is a good idea to book the gluten free dough in advance.


Note: Mr G and I were the guests of Rossopomodoro and Dietary Specials.


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