Brussels: Breakfast @ Pullman Brussels Midi/Zuid

GF Muesli

GF Muesli

If you intend on taking day trips from Brussels via the train then this is an absolutely ideal hotel. It makes life so easy and of course it makes life even easier for jumping on the Eurostar. Aside from that the station itself has an organic shop located in the station which has a large selection of gluten free items which I have previously blogged about here. In conjunction with what is available in the Carrefour Express it is very easy to make sandwiches or obtain back up bread.

When we checked in the staff mentioned that they had noted the request for gluten free items and that all I had to do was ask staff members at breakfast.

Doing things my way

Doing things my way

The next morning, I asked the staff member about gluten free breakfast items and she said that she was sure they had gluten free muesli but not sure if they had gluten free bread. Good job I did not only ask about gluten free bread. She was gone a while so I decided to go and see what would be suitable to eat from the buffet area. I found the waitress in the process of toasting the bread for me in the industrial toaster (you know the type where the bread goes round and then falls in to the gluten crumbs)!! The waitress then went on to explain that the bread was frozen and this was the only way to defrost it. I felt so relieved that I had seen this. I explained about cross contamination and probably came across as neurotic when I explained that even tiny crumbs of gluten bread touching my gluten free bread could make me seriously ill.  So, to her distress I did not take the toast, but just the individual sachet of gluten free muesli.

That evening on short walk from the platform to the hotel we detoured via the organic shop and I picked up some Schar Piadina wraps and decided that would be good breakfast for me the next morning.

As I am still to come round to the opinion that some of my friends hold ,that Brussels is a culinary capital, I quite enjoyed my dinner of a simple goats cheese and lettuce gluten free wrap. Simple and very easy to assemble!

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