Bergen: Lunch @ McDonalds

The Stunning View Outside

The Stunning View Outside

Gluten free McDonalds tends to follow one of two models the clearly sign posted ie Spain or the urban myth ie Norway. I don’t remember when I heard that McDonalds in Norway did gluten free buns but I knew that they did. I had a quick look on the Norwegian McDonalds website and again nothing. I then found a few old forum posts which suggested that they did. So while in Bergen I decided that McDonalds would do for lunch allowing us more time to explore. So to clarify McDonalds Norway do have gluten free bread but they don’t sign post it on their website – coeliacs may find out! I really don’t understand why people don’t have this clearly sign posted. Similarly I heard that Dolly’s Pizza do gluten free pizza but again we went past one and had a look at the menu but nothing to suggest that they did!

Clear To See What This Is!

Clear To See What This Is!

Anyway the gluten free experience in Norway went a bit like this “do you have gluten free bread?”, “Yes”. Seriously a non event! It was that easy. My only comment would be could they please write it down on the menu. If customers don’t know it exists how will they ask for it?

The Gluten Free Bun

The Gluten Free Bun

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