Breakfast @ Sofitel Le Grand Ducal

Random Hotel Dog :-)

Random Hotel Dog 🙂

Just about two years ago I stayed at the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal in Luxembourg. I took along my own bread and was more than surprised when Mr G went up to the bread section and found some sealed gluten free bread in a bread basket! How great and how strange all rolled into one. While it may be logical to place gluten free bread in the bread section, companies must realise that no coeliac is likely to be wandering around the bread section and therefore is unlikely to find the bread. I subsequently wrote a review and pointed this out.

Fast forward to today and things have changed. I asked at the time of booking for gluten free bread, so when I asked at breakfast in the morning I half expected to be sent to the bread section, but things have changed. The gluten free bread is now kept with ‘alternative’ breakfast items and clearly labelled. When I was at the Grand Ducal they had three types of gluten free bread (a roll, white bread and a brown bread).

Gluten Free Bread, Wrapped and Clearly Labelled.

Gluten Free Bread, Wrapped and Clearly Labelled.

The bread was a bit stiffer than I am used to. Nonetheless it has to be said that the bread held its form and it was a very pleasant to see gluten free bread at breakfast.

One of the nicest things about the Grand Ducal is the panoramic windows which look out on to the old town of Luxembourg. Definitely worth getting up for!

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